Second Life

What is Second-Life?

Second Life is a Virtual World for creators. On WalkWithMeNow we are using it to practice our Manifestations Skills by creating Feeling Boards. This is so powerful that we have our own Virtual Shamanshack in there and various WalkWithMeNow members are also active Second Life residents.

Imagine being able to vizit the Shamanshack, or experience a walk with fellow members without having to leave your home :).

Another powerful use of Second Life is to create vision boards and feeling boards inside the Second Life world. These tools will allow you to get a feel for your manifestations before you create them in real life.

How Do I get access?

To access the Second Life world, you will need a program that is called a “viewer”. As the name says, this program allows you to connect to and “view” what is happening and SL and also interact with the environment. You can use the official Second Life viewer, but we recommend the Firestorm Viewer.

If you are new to Second Life you are encouraged to open the program and spend some time in there, following along with their tutorials. Getting the hang of chatting via text, and microphone and well as moving around will be important.

How to connect with Inelia in Second Life

We have a thriving community in Second Life where we mean to create new environments, work on our manifestation items or to have fun. At the moment these community only open to active WalkWithMeNow members. You can practice your Second Life skills at any time, but if you want to join Virtual Shaman Shack community you need to be on WalkWithMeNow.