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Enlightenment in Modern Society

Bliss, Samadhi, Nirvana, Ecstasy, Buddhahood, and your modern life.

Is it possible to achieve enlightenment while driving your car or shopping at the store? In this class, Larry and Inelia will take a deep dive into enlightenment in modern living. What it means, what it is, making sure it is something you want, the downfalls and traps around it, and how to achieve it if it is something you want to either feel again or feel for the first time.

Enlightenment in Modern Society - Inelia Benz

Personal Empowerment Tools

Please enjoy this huge collection of personal empowerment tools. The Transformational Courses are for accelerated learning. You may also enjoy Inelia’s Empowerment Books as Storytelling is one of her ancestral teaching traditions.