Personal Empowerment Tools

LIVE EVENT - 16th of March - 10 AM Pacific

Ultra Terrestrial Intelligence – The Deep Dive into the truth behind ETs UFOs and the nature of Aliens

In this class, Larry and Inelia will be revealing hidden truths about the true nature of those beings we call ETs and Aliens.

Who they are, what they want, when they arrived, what they look like, and where they are from.

If you have ever felt an affinity to an Alien race, have a feeling that you visited with ETs, or simply feel that we are not alone in the Universe, then take this class.

Ultra Terrestrial Intelligence

Personal Empowerment Tools

Please enjoy this huge collection of personal empowerment tools. The Transformational Courses are for accelerated learning. You may also enjoy Inelia’s Empowerment Books as Storytelling is one of her ancestral teaching traditions.