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Upgrade Relationships - Move to a more resonant timeline

This topic, Upgrading Relationships, is one in an area of our lives that has accelerated in vibration since June 2014. It is a fabulous energy wave to take advantage of for us personally as well as our human collective.

Two areas are expanded in this hour-long, talk using seven simple steps to move into a more resonant timeline. One area is the upgrading of a one-on-one relationship, a relationship with another person, and the second area is that of upgrading our relationship with a group we belong to

Upgrade Relationships | The vibration of your Relationships | Inelia Benz

Personal Empowerment Tools

Please enjoy this huge collection of personal empowerment tools. The┬áTransformational Courses┬áare for accelerated learning. You may also enjoy IneliaÔÇÖs┬áEmpowerment Books┬áas Storytelling is one of her ancestral teaching traditions.