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“Your personal vibrational frequency level determines the reality you experience, your opportunities, your relationships, your environment and the manifestation of your goals and dreams. I am here to raise the vibrational frequency level of the planet. Will you join me?“– Inelia Benz

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Find free articles, exercises and audio resources to use or share with your friends for an Empowered life on Earth.


High-frequency books that will empower you and boost your journey of transformation.

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Develop the skills to raise your vibrational frequency, empower yourself and be a true sovereign.


A massive library of updated information, tools and skills for you to use and share.

Walk With Me Now

A tribe for those dedicated to embodying the New Paradigm. Achieve personal sovereignty and spiritual evolution using Inelia’s tools and guidance.

Ascension 101

An in-depth, powerful course to clear negativity and awaken your full potential. This course is for all levels.

Sigil for removing the veil of forgetfulness

“Remove the veil of forgetfulness from myself and all beings who were born on Earth to embody and Co create the high-frequency paradigm experience, NOW.”

Best Selling Books

Begin your journey to manifesting your best life with one of Inelia’s best-selling books.
Interview with An Alien

The first book in the Extra-Ordinary Interview series by Inelia Benz

Interview with A Psychic Assassin

The Extra-Ordinary series continues with psychic assassins, fluid reality, expansive creation.

Interview with An Angel

Next in the series, an Extra-Ordinary interview with Archangel Gabriel

The Return

The Anunnaki and the Rumni in a race to find “The Queen Returned”


About Inelia

Inelia received her First Class Honors Degree in Communication Studies at Dublin City University, Ireland in her 20’s. Since then she has been writing, teaching and advancing multiple platforms to bring about personal and global transformation. Through her easy to use courses, meditations, books and videos she offers quick, mystery free tools that will elevate your vibrational energy and bring personal awakening and spiritual evolution. Her tools are used by over a million people around the planet. Read the full story.

Ascension101 course

Are you ready to begin your journey of spiritual and personal transformation? The Ascension101 Course will give you the tools to create the life you desire. The focus of the course is personal empowerment. It provides tools and exercises to help your raise your awareness and manifest your full potential on this planet. The more conscious you become, the more personal power you will have. Empower yourself today.

Advanced students are invited to enroll on Walk With Me Now and co-create the New Paradigm together. Daily interactions on the forum, exploring and observing challenging or fascinating topics, weekly exercises to expand your awareness, a monthly live video hang out and much more is waiting for you inside. If you are reading this… you are ready!

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