Videos For Empowerment

Here you will find a selection of empowering videos. These are just a few, you can find all of them on my YouTube channel.

Inelia’s look
at 2017

You Are Amazing
Inelia Benz

Global Healing

The purpose
of Life

Introduction to
Mystical Energy Scanning

The Anunnaki and why
WE matter

Inelia Benz on
Creating the 5th Dimension

Clearing up our
negative Energies

Hundredth Monkey Radio
July 1st, 2012

Inelia on
Bridging Heaven & Earth

Personal and Global
Manifestation Exercise

Inelia – Meet and Greet
Santa Barbara, CA

Inelia Benz on
Buddha at the Gas Pump

Grass Valley Meet
and Greet October 2011

Inelia Benz
Collective Timeline Exercise

Bill Ryan interviews
Inelia Benz

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