Personal and Global Ascension – Second Edition

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In 2010 we published the first edition of this book. It contained all the articles written and published by me on up until then. All the articles were available for free on the website, but several individuals asked for a PDF version, or book format version, so we published one.

When I got my personal copy of the paperback, I opened it randomly and to my great surprise the article talked about the exact thing I was looking at that day. It was such a big surprise that I decided to see if it would happen again, so I asked a question, held the book between by hands, and opened it randomly. It worked again!

I realized that the book could be used as an Oracle and Guide. So my suggestion would be that after you read it, to use it as an Oracle and Guide. It’s the type of book which in a year’s time you want completely covered in notes, highlights, bent pages and coffee marks… in other words, a book well used.

The plan was to publish a book per year, so seven editions to the year 2017, when I retire. But, other things became priorities, and before we knew it we were in 2015 and no other volumes had been published. We looked at what we could do and decided to simply publish a second edition which would include everything written on the website up until today (March 2015). And in 2017, we will publish a third edition, including everything I write up until the date I retire from public work.


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