Upgrading Relationships

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7 simple steps for manifesting improved relationships. Applies to personal, group and work relationships.


Are you ready to upgrade a personal or group relationship and move it into a more resonant life? Then this is the audio for you.

This topic, Upgrading Relationships, is one in an area of our lives that has accelerated in vibration since June 2014. It is a fabulous energy wave to take advantage of for us personally as well as our human collective.

Two areas are expanded in this hour-long, talk using seven simple steps to move into a more resonant timeline. One area is the upgrading of a one-on-one relationship, a relationship with another person, and the second area is that of upgrading our relationship with a group we belong to.

1 review for Upgrading Relationships

  1. 5 out of 5

    contact (verified owner)

    Hi Inelia I have been following you for quiet a few years. I would like to make a comment about the audio I purchased “upgrading relationship”. Its very informative.I have been in quiet a few confrontational situations over the last couple of years and the audio was perfect. I am very much more equipped on how to handle these types of situations should they arise every again. It has helped a lot.
    I really respect they way you deliver the information. Awesome. Thanx a bunch. Moved me another level higher.

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