“Mind Speak” with the Sasquatch

Footage by Todd Standing

Learn the essential skills to communicate
with the Sasquatch effectively
– recommended by Todd Standing

If you are planning to go on Expedition with Todd, or by yourself, the information in this bundle will prepare you to have the best possible, fear free, and rich experience possible. It will allow you to speak in the language Sasquatch use.

Being free of the commonly experienced debilitating fear when in the presence of Sasquatch, and being able to communicate in a way they can understand, make you hugely more interesting to the Sasquatch in your area.

Todd and Inelia have demonstrated these skills in their conversation about the Sasquatch. You can see the full recording here: Interview with Todd. Todd is telepathically interviewed by the Sasquatch (minute 21 and minute 50 in the video)

What is included in this Bundle?

Experiential Telepathy

The Number 1 skill you need to learn to be able to communicate with the Sasquatch tribe effectively. The communication experience is more holistic and not limited to a stream of words in a specific language. It is more like communicating through a “motion picture” style that also includes smell, touch, taste, feelings, and emotions.

Fear Processing Exercise

It is essential to step into self-empowerment and a positive state of mind, and this exercise is the best one to use to release any fear you may feel in your body

Not only do you get a fantastic deal in this special package, but half of the sales revenue from this bundle goes to support Todd Standing’s life’s work bringing connection, education and awareness about the Sasquatch to the world.

Here is what Todd has to say about Experiential Telepathy