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Mining Timelines

The class will be released on the 19th of October at 10:00 am Pacific

We live in a vast ocean of information and knowledge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could tap into it and access what is relevant and applicable to you? And to do that easily and effectively?

Wouldn’t it be great to test out life altering decisions before you took them so you are guaranteed to make the best choice for your life? Are you interested in exploring how different life looks in alternative timelines?

Mining Timelines teaches you exactly that!

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🌟 Work, Family, and Friends – We have long forgotten how to create High-Frequency groups, be it at work, with friends, or with family. But we are now called to create healthy collectives to co-create the New Paradigm with. This is an essential class to take if you want to learn the tools and information you need in order to avoid the common pitfalls and programs attached to the old paradigm group dynamics, get your high-frequency community off to a good start, or if you want to transform and improve your existing family, work or group dynamics.

🌟 Experiential Telepathy – Experiential Telepathy is a skill we all have and it is part of our core essence. In this class, we talk about why we use the term β€œexperiential telepathy”, there are lots of stories and examples, and a protocol, together with a practice guide that will help you master this skill.

🌟 Super Charged Learning – What if I told you that the best way to learn is to do the one thing that was forbidden in school: to copy from others! We call this skill mapping and it is how young children learn to walk and talk without having to seat through lectures and memorize stuff.

🌟 Understanding the Illusion of Separation – What exactly is the Illusion of Separation, what levels of it we naturally and healthily use, and what levels are exclusive to the Power Over Others Game, and are used to exploit you.

🌟 The Healthy and Mystical Way to be Self-Sufficient – We have spoken about the importance of becoming self-sufficient for three years now. But what does that mean?And how do we do it? Larry and Inelia will take you on a journey of empowerment that will help you delineate your own path to stepping out of survival and into flourishing where you live.

🌟 Enlightenment in Modern Society – Is it possible to achieve enlightenment while driving your car or shopping at the store? In this class, we take a deep dive into enlightenment in modern living. What it means, what it is, making sure it is something you want, the downfalls and traps around it, and how to achieve it if it is something you want to either feel again or feel for the first time.

🌟 Choosing Our Importances – How we decide what’s important in our lives and the result this has in the experiences we create. From the moment a person decides to be born, the birth and growing years, and into adulthood, importances rule the day. Get to know how to identify deep-held beliefs around important life experiences and items, and become skilled at making conscious choices when deciding what’s important in your life.

🌟 Power is Everything Absolutely – Let’s crack open the door to the most influential aspect of our lives. Power. What is it? Where is it? And who wields it? By taking the reins of power in our own hands, we can finally understand and experience what it means to create reality in an unlimited and effective way.

🌟 Possession and how to protect yourself – Have you ever taken a drink, drug or been in a stressful or painful situation and then did something that was out of character for you? Yup, that was you being possessed (usually in an unconscious way) by another entity. Have you ever felt like you are not quite yourself? Yup, it’s not you. Have you seen how some people completely change after an operation or accident, get depressed or destructive, yup, they are possessed.

🌟 Reincarnation and escaping the cycle of life and death – What is Reincarnation? How does it happen and why does it happen? Do we have a choice? All these questions and more will be answered in this class by Larry and Inelia. Many religious beliefs teach of an afterlife, as well as reincarnation. They teach mostly disempowerment beliefs, rules and regulations. One of the aspects of these teachings is that if the person dies believing them, they make them true.

🌟 Ultra-Terrestrial Intelligence – In this class, we will be revealing hidden truths about the true nature of those beings we call ETs and Aliens. Who they are, what they want, when they arrived, what they look like, and where they are from. If you have ever felt an affinity to an Alien race, have a feeling that you visited with ETs, or simply feel that we are not alone in the Universe, then take this class.

🌟 Animal Communication – Increase your ability to communicate with animals and other beings around you. Explore the ways in which we can develop, strengthen and reestablish our natural communication methods and connection with our pets and other animals. Discover communicating with other species, including plants, insects, and humanoid species like Sasquatch and Elementals.

🌟 Out of Body Experiences – their nature, why we do them, and how we get there. OBEs are an important aspect of Conscious Awareness Expansion. Just like physical reality, becoming schooled, aware and conscious about the nature of, capacities and role of the OBE phenomenon is vital on our road to become sovereign and the authority of our lives.

🌟 Your Invitation to Lemuria – There is now an open invitation from the Lemurian civilization to reestablish a conscious, active and dynamic connection with them here and now. This class will include a guided journey to facilitate your direct communication with the Lemurian Collective and their representatives.

🌟 Selling or buying Real Estate – 11 Energy Hacks Revealed – Whether you are a professional realtor or a private individual interested in buying or selling a property, this class will teach you how to work with the building, environment, the people and yourself in order to have a smooth, fast and profitable result. In this class we will look at energetically and physically releasing, cleansing and preparing a property for sale, as well as finding a perfect home or property for purchase.

🌟 How Death Influences Our Manifestations – There is a direct link between our deepest beliefs, fears and desires around Death, and the life we live. Many of our creations and manifestations are dictated by hidden cultural, religious, social and DNA programming. I have made this audio available to give you an insight into, and exercises to discover, what those hidden programs are in your own life.

🌟 Identify and Protect Yourself from Spiritual Predators – Unfortunately, Spiritual Predators do exist and it is wise to be street-smart about them. Listening to this recording from time to time, you will be able to check if you have fallen prey to a Spiritual Predator and equally important to make sure you did not unconsciously become one, in case your Ego has hijacked your journey.

🌟 Mining Timelines – We live in a vast ocean of information and knowledge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could tap into it and access what is relevant and applicable to you? And to do that easily and effectively?

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