Sex, Love and Soulmates in the New Paradigm

Sex, Love and Soulmates in the New Paradigm

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Are you in a GREAT relationship and want to take it to the next level? Are you single and want to manifest a GREAT relationship? Do you keep manifesting awful relationships? Don’t settle for simple improvement. Have a permanent, evolved, loving, passionate and empowered relationship.

This is the most comprehensive audio course about Sex, Love and Soulmates in the new paradigm.

Whether you want to manifest the perfect relationship with another being, improve an existing relationship or you want to understand the ins and outs of love relationships, these talks will revolutionise your understanding of relationships and your life.

About the course…

The planet is FILLED with perfect partners…

What does a normal person want out of a love relationship? I think a love relationship should include large measures of all of this:

1. Unconditional Love
2. Truth and Understanding
3. Deep Connection and Companionship
4. To be Seen, be Wanted, Desired and Appreciated
5. To be Special and Unique to someone
6. A sexual relationship with Depth and Great Satisfaction
7. A Person whom we feel all the above for in return

If we all want it, how come most of us don’t manifest it? – The answer is because WE ARE PROGRAMED NOT TO.

So even if we do all the manifestation exercises on the planet, we still get unsatisfactory partners over and over again. And no, bad relationships are not here to “teach us a life lesson” or “burn through our Karma”.  We don’t starve a beautiful flower plant of water and nutrients and expect it to be lush, healthy and beautiful right?  Exactly. A love filled, harmonious, satisfyingly nutritious environment will create a lush, stunningly beautiful and healthy plant.  It’s the same with us and our love partners.


1. Falling in Love

Discover how our social program of love, and how romantic love affects our lives at an energetic and evolutionary level. How to increase the pros and remove the cons.

Most media outlets, such as movies, TV shows, books and stories, promote falling in love as the ultimate desired state for any person. At the same time, this state regularly lasts up to two years, and after that if it has not morphed into a more aware and close relationship, most couples split up and divorce.  We call these two years the “honeymoon period”.  Find out how you can become aware of, and evolve to a much more fulfilling state when you meet someone new.

2. The Separation.

Understand the concept and construct of “Other” in relation to Love. Having a physical experience in the Old Paradigm vs the New Paradigm. The main differences, and what really defines a “physical experience”?

When we speak of a “dual reality”, most people understand that we are talking about “light and dark”. However, duality is any type of existence where we are separate from our environment and/or other individuals in that environment.  Whenever we can say “you and I”, or “I and environment”  we are existing in a dual reality. A reality that contains at least two “viewpoints”, points of view, two consciousnesses, two beings that can then relate to each other. This can sometimes be seen as the proverbial “fall”, but is in fact the richest part of our life as a person.

3. Does a Soul have a sex?

What is the difference between a Soul, Spirit and Physical Body? The creation of the Sexes and their ultimate aim. The urge to have sexual intercourse. This talk goes into great detail about the construct of “sex”, as a physical human experience, and how we can become aware of how much it affects every aspect of our lives, and thus become able to make conscious choices that improve and enhance our personal existence as well as how we relate to others.



4. Gender as opposed to sex

Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and asexuality… all are addressed. Physical sex, gender and sexual orientation is easy to define and clarify once you understand the information in this talk. A great tool for all of us, no matter what our age, sexual orientation or gender is, this will empower us well beyond the realm of sexual relationships. Once we can see how we, as human beings, construct our identity around sex and gender, we can start using this knowing in our careers, friendships, sexual relationships and more.

5. The urge to find “the one”

Do Twin Souls and Twin Flames actually exist? Interesting question and answer…

Here I also present a simple exercise to manifest the right partner and identify what “right” is for our lives. Again, make your unconscious beliefs conscious. This is more about discovering yourself first.

6. Dropping the “dream”…

And how difficult this can get. The Catch 22 to manifesting your perfect relationship. From a very young age, we are told that to be happy we need to find the right partner, or manifest the perfect relationship. And therefore we invest a lot of time and effort to do so. However, it is not until we release the dream, that we can create a reality!


Still not sure?

It’s very simple. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee with this purchase. After you listen to the information, if you decide this was not useful to you, then I will issue you a full refund no questions asked. There absolutely no risk, and so much to gain.

The best kept secret on the planet…

One of the best kept secrets on the planet is that we create and manifest our lives, environment and relationships ourselves, all the time, but unconsciously. The way we manifest our reality, our relationships and love life, is through programs and belief systems. These programs and belief systems are here due to the culture we grew up in, the religions we belong to, the TV and other media we watch every day, our friends and relatives, and our own built in programs brought in through this and other lifetimes by agreeing what is and what is not real.

The Sex, Love and Soulmates in the New Paradigm Course firstly gives us an opportunity to become aware of what belief systems, “reality” constructs, and personal identities are activated when we relate to others. Especially when we relate with others at an age when we are ready, and willing, to find a life long partner, in an easy and practical way. Secondly each Talk in this course has easy to do exercises and tools that you can use in your life to improve your awareness of what you have been manifesting unconsciously up to now. Once these areas in your life become conscious to you, you can then choose what to keep and what to release. ENJOY!


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2 reviews for Sex, Love and Soulmates in the New Paradigm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I recently purchased the two books, interviews with an alien and interview with a psychich assasin and was glued to my computer! I loved every minute reading them, the information was fascinating, and the energy that came through truly wonderful! They will change your views on reality and are so entertaining at the same time, amazing!

    I have also purchased the two courses: ascension 101 and sex,love and relationships and if you don’t have them yet, get them! Inelia’s tools are so powerful yet simple and the best thing is: they can be done over and over again and every time, you get something new and deeper out of them.

    True Transformation made easy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Inelia, I really appreciate all the work that you are doing and over all I appreciate all the love, goodwill and consciousness that you are putting in it’€¦ Few days ago I read ‘€œInterview with a psychic assassin’€ and right now I`m doing the course about ‘€œLove, sex and soulmates’€ and really it has been great to walk with you through all this high vibration and empowering info. Also, never ceases to amaze me that even though my English is not perfect, with this type of high vibration material there are no barriers of any kind, not even language, and I can understand perfectly everything in your book and in the course. Thank you for sharing this journey. Abrazos almicos, Carla 🙂

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