Self Empowerment

Powerful self empowerment courses to clear negativity and develop positive and lasting change

Inelia Benz offers powerful online self empowerment courses to develop personal and global transformation. If you find yourself stuck in negativity, poverty consciousness or find your relationships unsatisfactory, you will find answers and tools to aid in your journey of transformation. Each course is designed to teach individuals how to create self-empowerment and spiritual evolution. You will develop practical tools to remove negativity, manifest abundance and attract deep, lasting relationships.

These affordable, easy to use courses are designed to give you the information you need to create your best life. If you are ready to live a fully empowered life, begin that journey today.

You can begin with these top-rated courses or browse our full list of courses. We highly recommend that you start with the Ascension101 course, giving you the foundation to clear negativity and awaken your innate joy, light and love.