I am a victim!! – A link in the Chain of Enslavement

The victim/aggressor cycle is another link in the chain of enslavement. It is so severe that most individuals are completely unaware that their life is a constant cycle of either being a victim or being an aggressor. When being a victim they have, of course, someone or something to blame for what happened to them.  … Read more

It was DONE to ME – Why we process victim energy.

If you are reading this, the chances are you are either a lightworker, light warrior, or an ascension worker. In which case, it is very likely you have had one or more instance of “psychic attack“. Now, before we continue, lets look at what a “psychic attack” is. Basically, if you believe that we can … Read more

Is it all about killing Short Term Memory?

The information on this article can send us quickly spinning into a victim/aggressor cycle. Therefore take this into consideration, and understand that if you do fall into it, or high levels of righteousness, this is not the point of the article. The point is to explore a possible item we would be better served becoming … Read more

NDEs – What do people come back with?

People have Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and often come back with a lot of information, or a mission, directions, orders, instructions or interpretations of what happened to them. Although many have familiar patterns, people’s interpretations of what happened in the “in between place” or “the other side” can be radically different. And what they decide … Read more

Trust in higher-self choices

Why is this happening to me? We often ask, or hear others asking.  As lightworkers, we often want to figure this out, and when it comes to negative interactions, we try to stop these from happening, which is the correct way to respond to them.  You are not here to have negative low-frequency interactions. That … Read more

Religion and Aliens

During our look at 2024 broadcast, we talked about “bookmarks”; a series of words and events that will be pushed by the main media in the coming months, that will indicate the progress of our societal split from a single power over others reality into a reality where our true nature is correctly perceived (my … Read more

That is not the game for a Brilliance of Lightworkers

Discernment is a skill we really need to strengthen.  Larry and I were listening to a podcast recently where both the interviewer and the interviewee talked about having a very strong BS (bullshit) meter.  Half way through the interview, they came to head about a man who one of them believed to be a total … Read more

It’s December again, lets deal with our sleeping relatives.

We send this newsletter out every year during December. This year of 2023, we will deal with a new dynamic that has been uber pushed into society, “the woke” friends and relatives. 2023 has seen all the items we talked about in our live call “Looking at 2023”. More jabs, war, UFOs, Financial collapse etc.. … Read more

Claim the Entirety of Your Incarnation

Larry and I were listening to Crrow777’s podcast as he interviewed Kurt Kallenback. Kurt is a man who claims that the institutional routine of cutting the baby’s cord as soon as it is born, recording the baby’s birth as its first day of existence, and then discarding or doing who knows what with the cord … Read more