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Sun, Earth and Heart Center Alignment Exercise

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A very powerful tool for a smooth transition during this Earth Shift, as well as a protection from all the negative transmissions we get on a daily basis via the media and otherwise. Staying in alignment with the Earth and Sun is an energy connection to our true reality.


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Sun, Earth and Heart Center Alignment Exercise

  1. jolanda0703 (verified owner)

    Wow a very powerful exercise to connect deeply with the earth and the sun, received so much beautiful energy and light, thank you!

  2. astaras (verified owner)

    I’ve done similar meditations – connecting in a vortex with both earth and sun. In this meditation i really felt the connection in a deep way. At some point (i think) you said the earth’s heart was my heart. I felt that. Thank you!

  3. Schmidtjulia1980 (verified owner)

    I dont have much experience in meditation, actually I have just started with the Ascension course and some timeline minings, so I am still practising, I cannot compare it to anything similar. I know that I achieve to get rid of this Northern European winter depression and my concentration seems to be better. If the wobbling has stopped… well I dont know… do I really want to stop it? I love all this crazy synchronicities. I feel connected to Earth and Sun.

  4. ongodzone12 (verified owner)

    This is a simple yet very powerful exercise that connects me with Gaia and the sun so beautifully. Each day I use it, a feeling of expansion and a new awareness of these two entities deepens. Thank you Inelia.

  5. misoukupova (verified owner)

    Dear Inelia, thank you very much for this beautiful, soothing meditation!

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