2012 Here we go!

I have been asked various times what I see for us in 2012.  And as we move into this new year, there is a definite charge in the air about what will happen on the planet. One thing is for certain, the “powers that were” have really stepped up the Fear Machine and we will … Read more

Agreement – our choice.

We don’t walk in reality, we agree what reality is, we then have an experience in it. And since we moved paradigms into the next “level”, this fact has to be part of our basic education. In this new paradigm, it can no longer be an unconscious game. Our agreement is personal, at a singular … Read more

2012 and Earth Ascension

The North American sea oil spill is prominent on the news at the moment.  The devastating effects of offshore drilling is in the world’s eye.  This is very significant.  Not that the oil is spilling, or that the “world is bleeding” as some sensationalists have put it.   The world is not bleeding, as oil is … Read more

When bad things happen. Is it our “fault”?

We have all gone through hardship in our lives. Sometimes it has been so bad that it may seem unbearable. The last thing we need to hear is that it somehow is our “fault” through “karma”.  Also, the fact that in Oneness there is no judgment, is often translated by someone that they can witness … Read more

Dangers of Spiritual Awakening

When a person first begins in their spiritual journey they are like babes in the woods. They are prey to every cult, religion and con artist out there. From, so called, established religions which will take every cent the person owns, to the psychics who will charge them for cleaning up negative entities around them, … Read more

Ascension Symptoms

Are Ascension Symptoms Real? There is a lot of information out there with regard ascension symptoms.  Well, ascension is NOT SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU! Ascension is something you do and there are no negative symptoms to it whatsoever. There are, however, resistance to awakening symptoms when you decide consciously or subconsciously to begin your … Read more

When the Ego takes over

Ascension is the expansion of awareness, and Ego, if it takes over, will shrink one’s awareness. How can we tell if the Ego is taking over? There are signs.  We become judgmental, we make others wrong, we become someone’s victim, we get hurt and we hurt others. Ego is a necessary body for existence on … Read more

Joy and Ascension

Joy is a conscious choice. No matter how you put it, the way we feel is how WE CHOOSE TO FEEL.  The concept that we are victim to our feelings, our surroundings and our reactions is erroneous. When we are in the depth of suffering or depression, or even anger or discontentment or frustration, it … Read more