Ascension 101 News – August 12th 2011

Ascension 101 News – August 12th 2011

Dear Friend,

I, Inelia Benz, am willing to collaborate with any species or peoples who want to raise the level of vibration of the planet and the joint collective.

The next question is, “how do we collaborate with each other?”

My personal answer to that question is:

1) We work on raising our personal vibration by processing fear, both our own as well as the collective fear.

You can find the full text for the exercise I personally use to process fear here:

2) We find what brings us joy, what excites us, and we do it. This raises our own vibration, as well as being the strongest clue as to what we are here to do.

3) We network with others who are willing to do the same. The moment of leaderless networks is here, we share, we communicate and we act. The only following we do is to follow our heart and our intuition.

It is not complicated, and does not require one “special” group, leader or belief system, tool or modality.  We find what works for us individually and we go for it.


Upcoming Activities:

A quick reminder of the Free Teleseminar with Lucia Rene, on Saturday August 13th, 12 noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, 19:00 GMT

I will be joining Author and Mystic Lucia Rene on her free teleconference,  to discuss a methodology for changing timelines. If you are not familiar with Lucia Rene’s work, or the Ancient Templates of Wisdom (which she will be transmitting to us during the free teleconference), please visit her website, before the call, at:

This event is over.

I would also like to let you know that Lucia’s book “Unplugging the Patriarchy” has been released on PDF.  This book is not an ordinary book, it is actually a mystical tool which facilitates a person’s unplugging from social programming which has kept us enslaved for thousands of years. You can buy the PDF version of the book directly from Lucia’s site at:



If you have not met her yet, I would like to introduce Joyce Keller who is an internationally-known visionary, author, television and radio host, media personality, author of six best-selling books.

She interviewed me on the 3rd of August 2011 and the full, very interesting, conversation is linked for you to listen to at:


As always, I hope that this Newsletter finds you in good health and great spirits.  Lets get this collective rocking 🙂



Inelia Benz




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