Your Angels and Guides


Discover how to contact your angels and guides and also make sure they are high-vibrational ones.


Each one of us has a group of beings that are around us. They help us and guide us but they are not in physical form. I call those Spiritual Guides or Angels: “your entourage”.

I will discuss how to contact them, but before that, what is important to know is that they help us create the experiences we have chosen. The key words here are “we have chosen”. We are still the directors of our lives, and it’s important to direct in a conscious and aware manner.

Not all guides are angels…

What this means is that not all of our spiritual guides are really “good” or high frequency. If we choose to have low frequency experience we will get a low frequency “help” to make that happen.

There is a common assumption that our guides have our best interest at heart and that is not necessarily true.

So this class has three parts to it:

  • First, we will discuss the nature of our entourage. Who they are and why they are with us. Also, how they relate to our Higher Self, Oneness and our lives.
  • Secondly, there I have included an exercise that will purge your entourage of low frequency beings
  • And thirdly, there is a guided meditation to help you make contact with one of your main Spiritual Guides