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Ultra-Dimensional Incarnation

You know you are not just a body, and the key to ultra-dimensional incarnation is the human body. We, the souls, can incarnate because the nature of our DNA is very unique. It did not evolve, it was engineered to be able to be a contact point between the soul and physicality. Ultradimensional nature of the body also allows us to remember who we really are, and all the skills we came here with.

Every person on the planet is born with the abilities and capacities to use extrasensory capacities and skills. Yet, very few know or remember how to do it. Our physical body is the one holding these abilities, not the mind and not the soul. As we learn to fully connect and incarnate with our physical body, all these skills are made available to us.

Often, when we hear the words “fully incarnate into our physical body”, most awakened or awakening individuals will cringe, for good reason. Up to now, we have been taught that fully incarnating into our physical body is to wear the full veil of forgetfulness, and that it is an agreement to journey on the world asleep.

In this class Inelia walks you through paths, methods and information which will empower you to consciously choose how multidimensional you want your physical reality to be. She shows you how to strengthen your psychic capacities safely so you can use them in your everyday living. She also covers how to deal with the overwhelm often faced when you can see more, hear more, and feel more for the first time.

If you are interested in exploring the nature of who, what and how you are, then this course is for you.


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