Stepping into Our Mystical Power


Open the door into the Mystical realms


Mystical work in the West is often shrouded in secrecy, and is also often a path of the ego. In other words, it makes us feel important, or that what we are doing is important. That it matters or it has meaning. Importance is an egoic construct that makes us energetically vulnerable and wide open to low vibration attacks and manipulation. This is also true in everyday life.

The Ego is often most visible when doing collaborative work. Self importance and authority will rare their ugly heads, leaving the group vulnerable to inner and outer unfriendly agendas.

In this class, Inelia will guide us into an exploration of foundation tools which can open the door into the Mystical realms for ourselves and for our groups in an Ego free, empowered and joyful manner.

Suggested Reading: Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda

BONUS: This product also contains the transcript in the PDF format for easy reading.