Nature of Reality


How we create reality on a moment to moment basis.


We all have a lot of dreams, or perhaps ways in which we think the what world and our own lives should be like. But sometimes there’s a huge gap between what we’d like and what actually is.

Why does this happen?

This is a fantastic companion class to the “Rules of Engagement in the New Paradigm” course. Inelia goes into great depth about how we create reality on a moment to moment basis. What is “agreement”, and how it comes about in our day to day life. We also get to explore how agreements are shifting us from the old paradigm into the new and how we can take charge of this shift and how it is carried out.

This class delves into several aspects of reality creation with several examples and tools to assist us in taking charge of what we want to experience as a physical reality in a human form today. Another gem for your reality creation and manifestation toolkit.