Moving out of the Linear Time Trap


Time is not linear. Learn to move through it in flexible ways.


There is no linear time. Understanding and being fully conscious of our personal movement through time and space gives us enormous power over creation itself.

Time, and space, are the foundation of our physical reality. We often hear that realty is an illusion, and one of the key aspects of reality is how we perceive our lives, and ourselves, moving through space via linear time.

This is why being present is an important aspect of self empowerment. But being present is not just about becoming aware of what is happening in the NOW, and being fully in the moment. Being present is the first step into moving out of linear time altogether. What does moving out of linear time mean?

Following Inelia’s style of looking under the hood, this class opens the ultra-dimensional aspects of linear and nonlinear time and space awareness, giving the opportunity for the listener to see, move through, and construct a broad spectrum of possible realities.  Are you ready?