Mining Timelines


Explore different realities and timelines and return with new skills and abilities.


We live in a vast ocean of information and knowledge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could tap into it and access what is relevant and applicable to you? And to do that easily and effectively?

Wouldn’t it be great to test out life altering decisions before you took them so you are guaranteed to make the best choice for your life? Are you interested in exploring how different life looks in alternative timelines?

Mining Timelines teaches you exactly that!

Alternate Realities

In this recording, Inelia shows you how to explore different timelines and meet and merge with “versions” of you who have the skills, knowledge or have taken choices in life which you are considering. This class comes with three guided exercises designed to transport you into any timeline you choose where you can then mine for information, skills and try out possible future outcomes in a safe, fun and riveting way.

Start exploring today!