Intentional Gateway to Oneness Retreat


Get Inspired, get Empowered, experience Your Divinity


This field exists outside time/space and YOU are invited!

Intentional Gateway to Oneness it’s an event with a difference, a HUGE difference.  I designed it from beginning to end with the three most important aspects of my role here on the planet:

1. To INSPIRE YOU to Empower Yourself.

2. To provide Mystery Free TOOLS that will facilitate your growth.

3. To facilitate real life EXPERIENCE of your Divinity

How is an Intentional Retreat different from a Virtual Retreat or an onsite Retreat?

An Intentional retreat is carried out by yourself, at home, or with a group of individuals in your area. They could be your friends or relatives. You organize this event yourself. A Virtual Retreat is where chat rooms, video webcasts and other online interactive material is made available to you throughout the retreat. And an onsite Retreat, is where you travel to the location to be physically present during the activities.

This is an Intentional Retreat.


Intentional Retreat Structure:

You can do this retreat in two consecutive days, or do the Exercise once a day for as long as you need.  The informational package will give you full instructions on how to carry out the two day full retreat.

Each day will be grouped into two main sessions. Three hours in the morning, and three in the afternoon. They reflect the exact activity we carried out in Sacramento’s onsite retreat. And will help you experience the Ultradimensional Collective Oneness Field around the planet.

As an Intentional Retreat Participant, you will have access to this field via the meditation you will receive with this Downloadable Package.

Because this Field exists outside of time/space, you can do this retreat today, tomorrow, every day, during two consecutive days, or at any other time. It IS that powerful.

Package contents:

Gateway to Oneness informational instruction
Gateway to Oneness audio exercise
Gateway to Oneness text exercise transcrip

Testimonial: “A powerful meditation.  I felt like I could get 75 questions answered in less than a linear second (very much like a download). anything focused on question had answer forming as question was building.  Most questions didn’t require that they fully form, as the answer built in knowing simultaneously.” Larry Buzzell