Collective Bubbles – Skill Mastery and Acceleration Through Fields of Awareness


Discover hidden realms of skill and consciousness in our one-hour class on “Bubbles of Expertise.” Explore practical exercises to enter these unique spheres and harness their creative power. Perfect for those intrigued by personal growth and mastering life’s game from a fresh perspective. Join me on this transformative journey today!


Discover the hidden forces that shape expertise and consciousness in the Universe. In this class I unveil the existence of unique “bubbles” – distinct realms of skill, awareness, and creativity.

Have you ever wondered why we refer to someone’s expertise as their “area” of knowledge? These bubbles are like self-contained universes, where specific abilities and insights thrive independently.

Think of them as individual fields of collective creative power, shared among like-minded beings who resonate within the same frequency band. I’ll show you how to locate and enter these spheres of knowledge and skill effortlessly.

Learn practical exercises designed to harness this universal phenomenon and emerge with newfound abilities. Let’s elevate our understanding together and master the game of life.