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Clearing your Wealth Lines

Clearing your Wealth Lines

This talk includes information for the intellect and powerful guided exercises for the subtle bodies, all of which is wrapped in  a catalytic energy that, even if you didn’t understand any of the content, would reach and transform you if you are open to it.  But that’s just how Inelia works, and for those of us who are used to working with her, we are growing accustomed to the magic that happens when we join her in the fields of light that she facilitates.

Packed with guidance and stories from her life, this call is like passing a wonderful journey with a good friend, who gently tells you the truths
of life and coaxes you to open up to new possibilities. If you’ve ever struggled to understand the flow of money in your life, this call is for you.

But be warned, the money lines run very deep, right to the core of your relationship with yourself and your own being.

Update: New information has been added to this class! It goes more in depth with the examples and the tools that you can use.


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