Sex Love and Soulmates In The New Paradigm

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How to Manifest Love and Relationships. Discover how to create evolved relationships.


Why sex, love and relationships, and Why Now?

One of the most common requests for assistance that I used to get had to do with relationships, sex, and love. 

And that is no surprise because the way we think about relationships affects everything in our lives. 

There is also the deep longing to be seen, to be accepted, to be held, and to be loved. 

As we are co-creating the New Paradigm, is it essential to look at relationships from an empowered point of view to make sure we have a solid foundation as we move forward. 

I have created this course series some time ago. I have personally used it in my own life and I know others whose lives have changed after taking this course. But now, as we are co-creating this shift into the new paradigm it has become even more relevant. 

It is important that you understand what you will get with this course.

A big part of it is tearing down what we think we know about love or sex or relationships in general. We needed to do that so we can see clearly what we want as we move forward. To make conscious decisions and not through the lenses of the programs we have absorbed in this and previous lifetimes. 

Exploring the aspects of relationships in our life can be used as an amazing tool for personal growth and ascension. And doing the homework can greatly accelerate this process. This why dropping the programs we have about sex, love, and soulmates is so relevant today. 

This course comes with a warning. If you complete it, you will not look at your relationships with the same eyes. You will see more and you will see more clearly. And this might lead to dramatic changes in your life. If this causes fear or worry, use the fear processing exercise before making a decision about exploring this information. 


Now that we know why this and why now we can look into what we will explore in this series:


Course 1: Falling in Love

Exploration of how our social program of love, and how romantic love affects our lives at an energetic and evolutionary level. How to increase the pros and remove the cons. Become aware of, and evolve to a much more fulfilling state when you meet someone new.


Course 2: The Separation

“The Other” – what is it? How can we understand its relation to Love and having a physical experience in the New Paradigm. Two points of view, two consciousnesses, two beings that relate to each other.


Course 3: Does a Soul Have Sex

How much of what we know about sex is true? How deeply have you looked into this? Why were the Sexes created and what is their ultimate aim? Where does the urge to have sexual intercourse come from? Is this different for the body? The Soul? The Spirit?


Course 4: Gender as Opposed to Sex

Gender, Sexuality, and Sex have been mixed up together and that is a source of great confusion and stress. Let us look at those separately and then we can be clear about who we are and what we want.


Course 5: The Urge to “Find the One”

Do Twin Souls and Twin Flames actually exist? Interesting questions and answers… Here I also present a simple exercise to manifest the right partner for you.


Course 6: Dropping the “Dream”

The most powerful and the most challenging part of the course where we bring it all together. Understanding the “dream state” and how to get out of it when it comes to relationships is key to all other aspects of our lives.

It is time to co-create the New Paradigm, and it starts with you and the relationships you build around you.


This is Ilie’s testimonial – he is our tech admin.

The Course about Sex, Love, and Soulmates in the New Paradigm is not like other relationships courses and I have seen a lot of them!

You start the course and you have your initial mindset, ideas, and the goal you want to get out of it: a lover, a partner, more sex, awakened relationship…

And then you start the journey, you stay with it, you do the homework and it is like your “mind” your “ideas” become unraveled… veil after veil being lifted so you can see more clearly.

You see how sex, love, and relationships, and how you think about these, connect with everything else in your life.

By the end of the last lesson, if you do the homework, you will have changed. You will even understand that the reason you decided to get through this course was not what you initially thought.

Can you hear the call? It is time!

3 reviews for Sex Love and Soulmates In The New Paradigm

  1. 5 out of 5


    I recently purchased the two books, interviews with an alien and interview with a psychich assasin and was glued to my computer! I loved every minute reading them, the information was fascinating, and the energy that came through truly wonderful! They will change your views on reality and are so entertaining at the same time, amazing!

    I have also purchased the two courses: ascension 101 and sex,love and relationships and if you don’t have them yet, get them! Inelia’s tools are so powerful yet simple and the best thing is: they can be done over and over again and every time, you get something new and deeper out of them.

    True Transformation made easy.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Inelia, I really appreciate all the work that you are doing and over all I appreciate all the love, goodwill and consciousness that you are putting in it’€¦ Few days ago I read ‘€œInterview with a psychic assassin’€ and right now I`m doing the course about ‘€œLove, sex and soulmates’€ and really it has been great to walk with you through all this high vibration and empowering info. Also, never ceases to amaze me that even though my English is not perfect, with this type of high vibration material there are no barriers of any kind, not even language, and I can understand perfectly everything in your book and in the course. Thank you for sharing this journey. Abrazos almicos, Carla 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5

    sami.williams (verified owner)

    This review is for the Manifesting Love and Relationships Course. Listening to and reading the transcript of this course introduced a giant crack into some deeply entrenched, unconscious limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for a long time. With this crack, this opening, I am now able to complete the work of disassembling and dropping what no longer serves me. Once you really see something, you can’t un-see it. I assume that the cracking was in part due to the energy behind the course because the ideas contained therein were not entirely new to me. I see that I also found it at the right time. For the effect that it caused, I consider that the price is good and fair. I will listen again over time and see if I have deeper experiences upon listening to it after clearing other stuff. Thank you Inelia!

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