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Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money

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This is a FREE exercise to assist you in bringing abundance into your life. I recommend you do this exercise every day. It is very simple and an audio recording is provided to assist you.

Here is a beautiful testimonial by “Michele B“:

I am testament to this working, be authentic and keep doing it until changes manifest in the physical…..seriously I was hardworking but poor for years… I am wealthy, my relationship with money is balanced accepting and nurturing now, once I released my blocks and filters I was able to allow money to do what it is there to do and that is to support and nurture!

I noticed small changes almost immediately but these were small, maybe finding £5 just as I needed some money, or maybe it just began to flow more easily. It took many months to achieve a healthy relationship with money and I regularly check that we are still in balance however my external life shows me that we are. Remember with any issues or blocks, it is like peeling an onion, sometimes you think you have processed everything but feels like nothing is changing, that is because you need to look at blocks on the emotional or physical level. Also let go of how you would like to see changes or expect them to come just keep your eyes open.

Do the exercises daily there are No shortcuts. When I look back now I can see how my perception of money and my relationship created my hardship, once I addressed this over many months and in fact probably a couple of years abundance occurred. I may be wealthy by some standards and not by others but that is beside the point for me I have everything I need and more that can be put back into the community, Abundance is to be shared. So hang in there, keep processing and leave your expectations at the door as things never turn out the way you think ! Thank you Inelia Benz for the tools that you have shared…..

I highly recommend Ascension 101 course – those tools are as natural and automatic part of my life now as breathing.


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2 reviews for Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money

  1. judy.soulutions (verified owner)

    I thought, “Why not?” when I saw this offer to reconnect with the Spirit of Money (for free!) since my relationship with money is tenuous at best, which is what I learned during this exercise. I am in in my mid-50’s and have done a fair amount of looking into this subject over the years. It took me a couple of days to sit down to do the exercise and when I did, I was surprised at how revealing and powerful it was. I learned of all the mixed messages I got about money while growing up, “good to have/money is the root of all evil; I love money/money can’t buy you love; we don’t have enough money/here, let’s buy this, for example.
    Also, over the past 5 years I have learned of the corruption of the banking and financial system and that money is just printed into existence, just numbers on a computer screen, basically created out of thin air and is a debt enslavement instrument, This has had a strong influence on my attitude toward money as well.
    But, funny enough, the money note I was holding said to me “Everything is created out of thin air” which I found humorous and truthful in an esoteric way. I I also felt the energy of the note I was holding and I truly did feel that “It”/money really desires to be of service. It is very uplifting and revealing exercise! Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Paula Tudor (verified owner)

    Hi! Last night I have discovered this website and the audio how to connect with the spirit of the i am trying to listen it again ,and is not possible. I have followed the same procedure add to card,place order and it’s saying order received,but no audio or document received.Am I doing something wrong?
    Thank you 😊

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