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Dealing with Low-Frequency people in our High-Frequency Life


Dealing with Low-Frequency people in our High-Frequency Life

We have long forgotten how to create High-Frequency groups, be it at work, with friends or with family.

But we are now called to create healthy collectives to co-create the New Paradigm with.

Since everyone that we are deciding to form groups with or interact with is High-Frequency, and has the best intentions, it should be easy, right?

It is definitely easier to surround ourselves with High-Frequently people, and much more joyful than what used to be possible on Earth, but there are still challenges even among groups we choose to be in, let alone groups we have been in for years or we have no say in how they are run. In these situations it is easy to fall back into the old paradigm ways and to start playing power-over-others games, and to fall for low-frequency games.

In this class, we teach you what we use and have learned in the past 8 plus years, building and running the New Paradigm WalkWithMeNow community experience.

This is an essential class to take if you want to learn the tools and information you need in order to avoid the common pitfalls and programs attached to the old paradigm group dynamics, get your high-frequency community off to a good start, or if you want to transform and improve your existing family, work or group dynamics.