Lightworker’s Guide to the Illusion of Separation


Understanding the Illusion of Separation


What exactly is the Illusion of Separation, what levels of it we naturally and healthily use, and what levels are exclusive to the Power Over Others Game (POO), and are used to exploit you.

As we now choose to move into the Light Side of the Split, we must be extremely clear and street-smart about what these illusions are, we must become aware of them and consciously choose which ones we keep and which ones we release.

We must KNOW without a doubt which illusions are part of the false overlay of reality which we so gladly chose to exist in in the past in order to have an experience of light/dark.

This knowledge cannot wait for you to be “ready” for it. It is something that is key in our planetary progression and you are a key participant of that progression. You are awake.

Let’s get this knowledge under our belts and let’s do what we came here to do: Embody and Create the High-Frequency Paradigm.

Package includes:

  • 1 hour video
  • 1 hour audio
  • text transcript for the class
  • BONUS: Coupon for friends