Selling or Buying Real Estate – 11 Energy Hacks Revealed


Sell or Buy Real Estate – Effectively!


Whether you are a professional realtor or a private individual interested in buying or selling a property, this class will teach you how to work with the building, environment, the people and yourself in order to have a smooth, fast and profitable result.

In this class we will look at energetically and physically releasing, cleansing and preparing a property for sale, as well as finding a perfect home or property for purchase.

When we buy or sell a property, there is a big shift in energies for the person or family selling it as well as the person or family buying it. This class teaches you how to become conscious of these energies and what to do with them in order to have high-frequency and highly supportive results.

This class is also important for anyone who has purchased or sold property in the past to examine and clear the residual tugs on our emotional bodies that may still exist.

Whether you are already knowledgeable about energetically working with properties, or you are not in the business of buying or selling homes but want to create a harmonious environment where you presently live, place this class in your calendar and prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised.