The New Paradigm Entry Rules and Regulations


Start to create and embody the New Paradigm today. Now is the best time.


Have you wondered when the new paradigm is going to manifest? Are you tired of waiting?

The new paradigm is already available to us and you can start experiencing it today. It is literally here and now in your everyday life, you merely need to pull forth its power. How? You need to embody it moment to moment.

This audio class shows you exactly how to embody the new paradigm in simple and very doable steps. Filled with exercises and insights, it will assist you in taking that huge step forward in what our common experience of what physicality can truly be like on our beautiful and conscious planet.

No excuses and no apologies. Start creating and stepping into the New Paradigm today. No one else can do this for you. This is a personal journey and you now have the tools and information to get it done. It is just a matter of deciding to use them.

This Package includes three instantly downloadable files:

2 Audio files:

  • Inelia’s one hour class on the topic, going into detail about what the New Paradigm really is (hint: it’s not a different dimension or something that will be brought by ETs) and how to live in the new paradigm. She covers many details which include practical exercises plus powerful steps to get them done.
  • A simple 4 minute, 44 second exercise that will help you step into actualizing the new paradigm. This exercise is within the one hour class and is included as a separate audio file for convenience, so you can use daily for maximum efficacy.

1 Transcript file:

The class transcript including a glossary of terms plus helpful links to applicable resources plus the High Frequency Emergency Kit; this is a kit of files, ideas and sentences you can use to help you pull out of low frequency emotions, thoughts, situations and relationships.