Negative Thoughts


Why do we have them and what do they do to our relationship


Why do you have them and what do they do to you and your relationships?

We give a lot of attention to positive thinking, but we don’t pay much attention to negative thoughts, where they come from, what they are designed to do, nor how to deal with them. Suppressing or pushing away negative thoughts about yourself, other people, circumstances and life is counterproductive and a powerful key to your enslavement. In this class we will teach you exactly where these thoughts come from, their job, why you learned to allow them in your life, and how to move past them and into empowerment.

As we co-create the New Paradigm and dismantle the illusion of separation it is important to understand and make good use of our minds and thoughts

Learn the difference between a destructive thought and a higher self-guidance message.

We explore the difference in this class with plenty of stories and examples.

Package includes:

  • 1 hour video
  • 1 hour audio
  • text transcript for the class
  • BONUS – coupon for other products in the store (expires on 31st of May, 2022)