Limitations – Why do We Create Them?

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Take responsibility for your life. Only then you can change it.


Who creates limitations? Have you ever wondered why we limit our own expansion, our own awareness, and our own ability to do? Why would we do that?

Often we find ourselves being blocked by what might appear to be insurmountable obstacles in life. And sometimes situations, events and people come up that stop us from achieving our dreams and goals, even though our entire focus is on manifesting those dreams and goals.

In this audio, we explore the role that Limitations have in our lives. How we can become conscious of them, and either remove them or use them to steer ourselves in the right direction.

Whether those limitations are collective agreements, such as “linear time”, or personal agreements, such as physical disabilities, financial blocks, negative relationships or social programs, we can learn how to navigate them in order to reach our personal and collective destinations.

Prepare to be EMPOWERED!

1 review for Limitations – Why do We Create Them?

  1. 5 out of 5

    sergio garcia martinez (verified owner)

    I recommend it 10/10 .

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