How Culture and Religion Invalidate our Feminine Side


Discover and dissolve the programs around sexuality and gender.


“Is it a boy or a girl?”

This question is usually the first thing we ask when we see a new baby. Why does it matter? It matters because we behave differently towards boys than girls and this is a positive thing. The negative comes in when the behavior is designed to invalidate the feminine and disable the masculine.

There are many programs around being feminine and masculine which are indoctrinated into us from the moment we are born and many of them are negative. We now have a chance to look at these programs and make a conscious choice about what we want to keep and what we want to discard or change in order to remove the invalidation and disempowerment brought about by gender programs.

The Patriarchy is leaving our planet and an Empowering Paradigm is coming through. It is not a Matriarchy that is coming in, but something beyond power over others altogether.

In this class, we explore what is a “feminine side”, and the reasons it is constantly invalidated in society for both men and women as well as powerful exercises to deprogram our negative gender programs.