Healing in the New Paradigm


Saving and healing others is a thing of the past. Discover what a healer does in the New Paradigm.


We entered an amazing healing and renewing phase on our planet. In this audio teleconference, Inelia opens the doors to the amazing possibilities of expansion that this new phase offers us around healing and how to bridge the collective’s Old Paradigm agreements around healing, to the New Paradigm empowerment of self and others.

We look at “savior/victim” energy programs left behind in our energy field and collective consciousness, and how to process these so that we can empower with our personal healing methods, rather than “heal”.

We also look at conscious and unconscious sickness and disability building and dissolving. The reasons, purposes, and effects behind illnesses, and the reasons behind healing and being a healer and how these are now changing.

Whether you are a healer, or in need of healing, this is an essential call to listen to.