How Death Influences Our Manifestations


Unlock your manifestation power by discovering how it is influenced by Death.


Unlock your manifestation power by discovering how it is connected and influenced by Death

There is a direct link between our deepest beliefs, fears and desires around Death, and the life we live. Many of our creations and manifestations are dictated by hidden cultural, religious, social and DNA programming. I have made this audio available to give you an insight into, and exercises to discover, what those hidden programs are in your own life.

Once those programs are unraveled, you will be in a much better position to manifest from a place of conscious awareness and empowerment. Just like my other Manifestation audios, in “How Death Influences Our Manifestations” I cover the intricate mechanics behind one of the most deeply ingrained limiting programs with which we, as a species, are being manipulated with.

We are now ready to drop this program and form of manipulation at a personal and at a collective level.

This audio will show you exactly how to do it. An interesting process of self-discovery awaits! :)

As this recording is an extremely effective empowerment tool, you have my permission to share your personal purchased copy with your friends and relatives.