Create Your Own Reality ~ Rules of Engagement

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To master the game of reality creation you need to know the rules. Make the rules work in your favor.


Rules of Engagement

This is a 5 parts course about how to Create Your Own Reality. Discover how the Law of Attraction works in Co-Creating through “agreement”.

The Story…

A few months ago, I was asked by Source if I could please write a book about what I had learned about Being Human. And could I possibly finish them by March or April 2012.

As I enjoy writing very much, I immediately said “yes”.  At first, I thought it was some sort of biographical account of my journey for the past 46 years.  But as I worked on the book, it soon became clear that that was not it.  What was needed was an in-depth look at the topics covered on my website, which deal with personal transformation in the New Paradigm.  So, I shelved the biography for the time being, and began to write this series.

Soon after that, it was requested by Source that I record them.  This is because through voice, we are able to grasp things at a more complete level than we do through reading alone.  There is an energy imprint in the sounds that we make while speaking, that facilitates an easier connection with the concepts and reality of what is being said.  It also gives the listener, and reader, a better gauge of the resonance behind the words.  It allows us to gauge whether something is real for us or not real for us much better than reading alone.

The Result: Rules of Engagement

What follows, then, is the final result of this journey. An in-depth course which address the rules of co-created reality on planet Earth, and how these affect our “choice” of whether to move into the New Paradigm, or not.

Topics Covered:

The nature of “reality”, universal “rules”:

– Agreement
– Free Will
– Power

And some topics that are specifically relevant to the lower paradigm we are leaving are:

Light/Dark duality experience
Victim/Aggressor Cycle

And about our personal and global paradigm shift:

The nature of the “shift”.
The nature of the “human collective”.
Gaia and the “Planetary Council”. –  The role of Extra Terrestrial and Ultra Dimensional Beings
Living as a “single construct” human.

5 reviews for Create Your Own Reality ~ Rules of Engagement

  1. 5 out of 5

    Beverly Austin

    This series of talks offers practical tools one can use to immediately have a more empowered life. I personally have experienced my body feeling lighter and my heart space more open with loving thoughts. I also noticed how others around me have more uplifting conversations. This includes family members and co-workers. Thanks Inelia for this tool and your continued encouragement for us to simply do the work.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am familiar with your way of explaining how you see things from a higher perspective.. I love this .. I usually need and like examples.. Rules of engagement has also helped me the last several years as I read it periodically to get a deeper meaning from the words and thoughts..thank you for your work.. Ps ..would love a shamanic workshop..

  3. 5 out of 5


    Inelia is my favorite author. She speaks the truth with a unique insight that is her special gift. A few days after reading “Rules of engagement – entering the new paradigm”, taking some time to absorb the information; I had the most amazing experience. The realization of the truth was so powerful. I suddenly felt like I was outside the “matrix” we live in. Very hard to describe but it was like when you rise about the clouds in a plane and there is a beautiful sunny day. I was beyond words. In fact when I would think in words they would echo. It was a new experience and very pleasant. Thank you so much Inelia!

  4. 5 out of 5


    I got the “Rules of Engagement Entering the New Paradigm” ebook and absolutely loved it. Thank you

  5. 5 out of 5

    joepriormusic (verified owner)

    I knew there were people out there who could see beyond the fiction and lies about how life works. I wanted to learn more when I saw Inelia’s interview on CETV. I’m glad I came here.

    This course exposes the games we’ve been playing with each other, unconsciously. This was one of the first courses I’ve purchased to learn more from this perspective. “Rules of Engagement” made so much sense. It expanded on other resources I’ve read on similar topics. It filled in so many blanks and gave me the feeling that I can really manifest anything I want in my life, because I finally am taking on the duty/honor of conscious-creation, instead of letting life happen to me. For those who are ready and trust that their intuition lead them here, this will be a goldmine of [en]light-en-ment. There was a lot of new information, and ye I’ve read a lot of deep stuff.

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