Lifting the veil of forgetfulness

The Sigil image is below. Click to open a larger version.

Remove the Veil of Forgetfulness
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Here is the Spell:

Remove the veil of forgetfulness from myself and all beings who were born on Earth to embody and co-create the high-frequency paradigm experience, NOW.”

And here is how to use it:

Instructions are to print or draw a copy.

Write the words in your handwritten script under or around the sigil. Say the words out loud.

Put copies on your screens and look at them.

Put copies on paper and stick to doors. Post wherever you go. On social media.

The more the merrier. It’s a spell.

The more you look the more power it has.

How to integrate it into your field

Look at it with the intent to integrate it into your field and scan for any resistance. If resistance shows up, stop and process it using the fear processing or firewalls exercises.

You can also put the spell on a piece of paper and stick it on the outside of a bottle, fill the bottle with water, leave it for a few hours or overnight, and then drink the water.

There is a YouTube video with the Spell that you can listen to: