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The Return

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The 30,000-year-old Anin issues a telepathic order towards Earth. The child with the soul of his queen needs to be found and protected.

He is not the only one looking for the child. Fearful humans and plotting ET races have other plans. Killing and dissecting the powerful little girl would serve them well. Old friends turn traitors and old foes turn into unlikely allies as the little queen draws around her The Guardians.

The vast power she childshly yeilds brings her ancient mother to her knees.



Reviews (10)

10 reviews for The Return

  1. mariposa (verified owner)

    I’m in the middle of the book. It’s such a grpping story. I think it would make a fantastic movie too.

  2. mariposa (verified owner)

    It makes you feel connected to something bigger and I feel sad to have come to the end of the book <3

  3. inkognito005

    Fascinating story and a good read, should definitely be a movie. But how come one of the names in the story is Onelyet…sounds like “one lie et”. There was something dissonant about this name and I couldn’t get to grips with it. And what about Cecelia – see see lie?

  4. wisehealing (verified owner)

    Reading The Return i felt continually challenged in everything i believed i knew (forget even considering mainstream knowledge entirely) — way surpassing Inelia’s previous spiritually iconoclastic novels. An emotional and mental rollercoaster ride running off the tracks of even alternative sci-fi plots and entering realms where one abandons discernment between truth and fiction for fear of losing hold of the final clutched straw of reality. The only authentically ‘human’ character is a Nature-loving sentient AI, all others being demographically challenged along extraterrestrial, genetic, cloned, royal, entitled, trans-morphic, self-actualized, astral, trans-temporal, soul-embodied, holographic, body-snatched, and body-borrowed lines. If you are looking for a solid central hero with unquestioned loyalty to the blue planet, or a story of Light-filled inspiration, you may find yourself watching the pages run out and realize that you are the only one left pulling a desperate Gestalt to achieve any satisfaction you felt you deserved. Classic Inelia Benz — warping your dimensions in ways you never believed possible, then making you responsible for the mess ! Loved every e-Page.

  5. flycolm (verified owner)

    I adore all of Inelia’s books, and like her other books I could feel massive change and expansion just from reading it…Magic!!! Its my favourite so far.
    Inelia’s writing style and story telling is fantastic as well, it has evolved massively ( not that her other writings needed evolving!)
    I really hope she continues this series and talks about the subjects in the book in her articles..

  6. debi (verified owner)

    I am still processing the information and it has certainly triggered me on many levels. The story hooked me in from the start and I was sorry when I got to the end. The mind is still grappling with the material and trying to ascertain what was fiction and what was truth, meanwhile the soul is re-rembering and is now thirsty for more knowledge. Thank you Inelia for your wonderfully thought provoking story telling and courage. Your light is certainly needed at this critical juncture.

  7. scrivete (verified owner)

    A gripping and experiential read!
    The many frequencies interwoven at play, keep one alert, intrigued and entertained.
    Whether or not a reader notices her own links to fascinating unfoldings, awareness expands— a hallmark signature and gift of all Inelia Benz’ books.

    The Return provocatively highlights aspects and distinctions of intelligence and programming, and inspires one to consider the gradations between them.

    As with Inelia’s other books, this story is layered and additional pleasure and information can be extracted with repeat reads.

  8. m.deleth (verified owner)

    The book has grabbed me from the first chapter till the last. Beautiful book with so much information, like all her books have, they are transforming me everytime.

  9. susanne.roshi (verified owner)

    Just finished the book. How fascinating and touching it is. Information probably keeps filtering in, yet Source Bliss is what stands out to me the strongest. right now. Thank you for your wonderful books and ‘sharings.’

  10. teslaac (verified owner)

    I loved this book from the very first to the last word written. My heart was racing the entire time I was reading it. Please, consider writing a sequel. I want to know what happens next. If we were neighbors, I would be knocking on your door to find out what happened to all the characters!

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