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Interview with an Alien

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Aliens live among us. They have an interesting, expansive perspective about the life on this Planet.



Inelia meets her Alien friend and a series of interviews about Ascension and Awakening beings.

This is that kind of a book that you will read in one sitting. The format of “question and answer” makes it very engaging and draws you into the conversation.

Inelia meets her Alien friend and a series of interviews about Ascension and Awakening beings.



To look at her, there is nothing out of the ordinary about her. She looks human, behaves like a human, has a job, a family, a mortgage, the whole nine yards. However, she is ageless, very beautiful and people stare at her for no apparent reason wherever she goes…

The Alien gives her answers to questions about:

  • The hybrid program
  • The concept of God
  • What is Ascension?
  • Without work, wouldn’t we get bored or mad?
  • The body and the Human Operating System
  • How is it to be a hybrid?
  • What is the “Big Shift”?
  • What are the rules of the game on this planet?
  • Angels… do they exist?
  • Are we like a big virtual game?
  • Can you read minds?


We like to blame others for our misery and our pain. We look for relationships that will make us happy, a job that will make us happy, a house where we will be happy. Then we start visualizing and feeling ourselves in a new relationship, a new house etc, in order to “attract” it into our lives. The concept is good, but very limited. The real power is in changing our lives…

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1 review for Interview with an Alien

  1. mystar (verified owner)

    Wonderful reading… it was great to remember … all is inside us the change…love the book thank you for publishing it… K.

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