The Essential Guide to Spiritual Events


How do we practice mystical etiquette when participating in these events? Healthy boundaries.



This information is dedicated to give you some guidelines you can use when going to events as well as when you join spiritual groups and other groups for activities.

The purpose for the sharing of this information is for you to have the best, expansive and positive growth, learning and ascension experience you can possibly have while interacting with teachers, gurus, leaders, other students, followers and simply all the people you will meet during your studies and travels.

A lot of this information has been expanded on and discussed by “Walk With Me Now” members at and full credit goes to them for being willing to investigate, share and discuss what is often a taboo subject.

I have compiled the information explored at “Walk With Me Now”, as well as opening the subject up for further explorations. I have decided to make publicly available, because myself, the Ascension101 Team and the members of “Walk With Me Now” feel it is imperative we start educating ourselves about safe practice and etiquette while at events and during spiritual gatherings and groups.

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