Earth Files




Sequel to “The Return

The “Earth Files” book is here to expand on the story of humanity through the eyes of our favorite characters as well as through new characters who bring our history and evolution to new levels of understanding and awareness. Throughout the proofreading of this novel, my fabulous volunteers kept going into altered states of awareness, and had many aha moments which positively affected them.

Authors write novels for different reasons. Sometimes it is all they can do to stay sane as these stories come in one after the other to be told. Others do it because it is something they love doing. Others will write novels to change the world. My reasons are all of the above and also because I really enjoy spending time with the characters.

This is an electronic instantly downloadable eBook. If you are looking for the paperback edition, you can get that from the Lulu store.

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What readers are saying

“Much like Cecilia, Inelia Benz expands our awareness through her writings. Get ready to drop any preconceived notions you may have about sentiency, human potential, life on Earth as we know it or the nature of the Universe at large” – Bettina Robin

“Exhilarating, expansive and mind-blowing read. The golden standard for Sci-Fi novels.”  – Ilie Pandia

“Fasten your seat belt for a trip to expand your awareness at all levels. Inelia is a brilliant writer and teacher that through the expression of each character in this book, invites us to reflect and to look deeper within ourselves to reach our full potential as a human collective!” – Iliana Rojero-Wilson

“I just love a good science fiction read, and this series is that and so much more. It’s reality and potential reality pretending to be fiction! If you want to expand your mind, heart and spirit by looking at what’s possible in a high-frequency reality – experiential telepathy, connecting with our relations beyond Earth, mapping to a world of both individual freedom and connection into the oneness of support and expansion – then you’ve come to the right place. Read on!” – Maureen Gormley

“Every time I read Inelia’s books again, I discover new information that I am sure was not there the first time I read it. The Earth Files is a multi-layered book, like all Inelia’s books, full of invitations for expansion of your awareness, taking you from Earth to beyond the edges of the universe, wrapped in a story that warms your hearth and makes you feel whole again.
I cannot wait for this book to be made into a movie!!!” – Nicolette Theunisz

“A book so vividly written that it unfolds within your mind much like a play; you live and feel the adventure with Francisco and all the rest; amazing settings of this Earth and beyond and yet such a sweet and humaine story after all.” – Laura Beschiu

“A page-turner, guaranteed to blow your mind, expand your awareness, and keep you fully entertained at the same time… An incredible action packed adventure with never a dull moment, I love and highly recommend this book!” – Iris Turney

“Tears of joy. Tears of inspiration. Expanded awareness and belly laughs. We get it all with this book.” – Adelina Pandia

“Readers be ready for a life changing adventure that will open your heart to a higher level where you will see, feel and experience the many worlds around you…around us.” – Beverly DeMagnus