Inelia Benz, who is she?

who is Inelia Benz

Inelia Benz, who is she?

Many individuals were first introduced to Inelia by this interview in 2011:

Up Close and Personal at our Empowerment Platform and Forum WalkWithMeNow

There are a lot of classes, courses, articles, exercises, videos, interviews, books, tools and tips at, but there was no reliable way to reach Inelia or the many others who are studying and using them.  So, in 2014, we decided to launch an empowerment platform where we can hang out with Inelia, explore her material and the universe too. Where we can also explore other teachers, gurus, guides, writers and speakers and their material. We then observed and explored who else we wanted to hang out with in that wonderful space.  We decided that it is strong individuals who are passionate, dedicated and inspired about their own and humanity’s ascension and empowerment.

  • Inelia Benz on YouTube.
    The Inelia Benz YouTube Channel where she posts many informative and powerful videos.
  • Inelia’s Twitter
    Get thoughts and updates via Twitter, directly from Inelia. Good way to have direct interaction with her too.
  • Inelia on FaceBook
    If you like FB, this is a great addition to your feed. Inelia posts directly here, and sometimes the team will post information and updates too.
  • Inelia’s Personal Website
    Inelia has a personal website where she lists and shares all her many projects and updates. Go over there and take a look!
  • Inelia Benz on Instagram
    Do you like photography? Inelia is a talented professional photographer, she often uploads her latest adventures through photography, selfies and snapshots at her Instagram account. Meet her cats, dogs, family and the area she lives in, and the journeys she takes by following her here.

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