Here is what we’ve prepared for you!

Here is what we’ve prepared for you!

Dear Visitor,
We have put together all the products in the abudance category in a hugely discounted bundle that is now available for you.
Here is what you will find in this pack:

$9.90 –  Fear Processing exercise  – Ever fear having too much money? Or fear being poor? Or fear that abundance may change your friends? This exercise is for you!

$36.00 –  Life Mission and your Daily Job  – Discover how your life mission and your daily job are related.

$22.00 –  Limitations, why do we create them  – As long as it serves you somehow, you will hold on to your limitations. Discover what they are and make a conscious decision if you want to keep them or not.

$36.00 –  Clearing your Wealth Lines  – There are more ways to become abundant than just money. Have a look at your wealth lines, create new ones and remove any blocks that you may discover.

$36.00 –  Learn what controls your manifestations  – Explore the inner mechanics of manifestation. We are manifesting all the time. The key is to move from unconscious to conscious manifestation.

$36.00 –  Journey into Manifestation  – This goes deeper into various manifestation modalities and offers tools to expand your awareness about your goals and programs that may be blocking them.


Total: $175.90   $99.99

Get this toolkit to unlock the abundance within and watch your world transform!  🙂 (see what others are saying)

Also remember that the "Reconnecting with the Spirit of Money" is freely avaible.
In joy/light/love,
  – Inelia

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