Decoding the Matrix: Does Your Link for the Class work?

Decoding the Matrix: Does Your Link for the Class work?

Dear Visitor,

There has been a technical glitch at the A.W.A.K.E.N. store for this call, if you purchased your class before 12:30 MST yesterday, June 5th, please check your account to make sure your call link PDF file is there and the link for the class is working. Also, the time of the class is at 11am and not 9am as stated in the download PDF file for the class.

If your PDF download file is no longer in your account at the A.W.A.K.E.N. Store¬†, or you have not received an email with instructions, please email Elizabeth at: [email protected] with your transaction details so she can send you a copy of the instructional PDF file.

The class in question is Decoding the Matrix:

If you bought your class after 12:30 MST yesterday June 5th, you should have the new PDF file in your account and no further action is required.

Apologies for any confusion this technical glitch might have caused.

in Joy/Light/Love


Inelia Benz

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