Ascension 101

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This course is full empowerment course, something that you can use to rocketfuel your ascension, manifestation power and expand your awareness, creating the perfect foundation for personal growth and prosperity. A tool that can help you to prosper in all areas of their lives is key. The more awakened and empowered high frequency individuals who are also wealthy, healthy and able, the sooner we can work together to make real and tangible changes to our social experience around the globe.

In this course we will be aiming to achieveĀ two basic things. One is a full understanding, and experiencing, of the state ofĀ Oneness. The second is a full understanding and experiencing of your personalĀ Spiritual Ascension in this lifetime.

It is advisable that you follow the course material in the order it has been presented so you can experience its maximum benefit.

Course Content

Setting up Goals
The Physical Body
The Ego Body
The Mental Body
The Emotional Body
The Spiritual Body
Expansion of Awareness