Where do you fit in?

Hello Visitor,   A few months ago I announced that the human collective’s high vibrational frequency awareness, consciousness and mind had “switched on” and become available to us.   I encouraged everyone to feel into that high frequency collective awareness field, consciously join it and consciously become an active participant in it.   Since then, … Read more

Make your ordinary life Your Sacred Life

Hello Visitor, Make your ordinary life the sacred life. Make your work become your spiritual growth.At the end of this email there is a class where I explore this in greater depth, but before that lets talk a bit about mystical power. Mystical power is something that we all have and use. In fact we … Read more

Everyday life problem? Use your mystical skills! :)

Hello Visitor,   Has it ever occurred to you that you can use your mystical skills in your everyday life? Up until not too long ago mystical tools and skills where the domain of occult groups and closed religions, but not anymore! As millions of people on the planet have raised their vibration to higher … Read more

Anger – why it is important to process it.

Dear Visitor, Many of us are reluctant to process, or release, anger. This is because it is such a powerful source of defensive energy that we think that if we lose it, we will no longer be able to defend ourselves or others.  And it has been used successful to get people out of depression … Read more

Let’s have a look at Healing in the New Paradigm

Dear Visitor,   As I often say, the New Paradigm is not place and it is not even a time that "will come" upon us. It is much more exciting than that. It's a co-creation, which means you are invited to contribute. The main difference from the old paradigm is that this time your contribution … Read more

Relationships… Your needs and the needs of the Other…

Hello Visitor,   What has been in my attention field lately are relationships. From relationships with your significant other, to friendships, coworkers, children and parents.   There are some misconceptions that we carry around when it comes to our needs in a relationship.   In last month's live conference at WalkWithMeNow, we looked at just … Read more

Raise your frequency, create the New Paradigm…

Hello Visitor, Whoa… we are going through some intense times! I have a been a bit quiet online lately, busy organizing some beautiful and amazing events at the Shamanshack. But I know that not everyone can join us there so here is something for you. The energies on our beautiful Earth right now are very … Read more

Post Event and Ego Crash Symptoms

Dear Visitor,     I'd like to share with you some information about two phenomena that can happen when you go to a retreat or event. They are called "Post Event/Retreat Crash" and "Ego Crash".  These phenomena do not happen to everyone, but they are very common.   Post Event Crash Symptoms   Many individuals … Read more