What I am seeing for 2019

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Looking ahead and the Unified Field Meditation



Get access to the recording of this live event and the Unified High Frequency Field meditation and two wonderful exercises that will help you during 2019.

I was contemplating how during November and December 2018 there was a huge acceleration in the choice to drop the old negative experience paradigm (power over others, domination over others), in favor of living and creating from a positive experience paradigm (power over self, conscious choice and collaboration with others). As I was contemplating these things, I looked at 2019 and what it might have for us.

Oh M G – yeah, that’s what blurbed out of my mouth.

There are, as every year, many, many doors and choices open to us both singularly and as small groups within the larger human collective as well as a planetary collective.

BUT… there are some choices that are more likely to come about which will radically change our lives at every single level of experience on Earth. And because of that, it seemed important to me to share with you what it is that I see for us in 2019. What our choices are, how we can embody those choices, and when do we need to start.  I will tell you that we need to start NOW. No time to waste, no more postponing the inevitable and no more excuses of why we haven’t done so yet.

For example, you may have noticed a lot of people are saying, “I’ve had enough of this, I’m done.”

Society tells us that if we feel that way, there are only a handful of choices we can make, we can drop out, we can commit suicide, we can… you get the idea. We are programmed to get ejected, rejected, to eject and reject.

HOWEVER, we have other options, options that not many people will tell you about or talk about. Not because they don’t want to (although this is true for the rulers of the old paradigm), but mostly because they don’t know. These are options you can probably feel, sense and even know but there is no validation for them, no external agreement to get them going, and no training on how to put them into effect.

Well, here you are, and here I am, and here we are. On December 27th I had a live event where I had this conversation. I want you to know what I see for us in 2019. I want you to know why this year is important for all of us.

The live Webinar was three hours long. We began with the unifying high frequency field guided exercise.  I then shared the many details I see for us, for the Earth and for our human collective for 2019 and then we had a fascinating question and answer session.

Get the recording today, join the Unified Field, find out what 2019 holds for you, and get the tools that will make the process much, much easier. Your participation makes an amazing world possible.

It includes:

  • Access to the recoding of the 3 hours webinar
  • Bonus 1: The Weekly Empowerment Workbook
  • Bonus 2: The Fear Processing Exercise
  • Bonus 3: The Unified Field Meditation extracted as an audio download

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  1. 5 out of 5

    marek.kovac.private (verified owner)

    It is an honor and pleasure to have an opportunity to coexist and co-create (with all of you / us).
    Inelia have reminded us on the place (given) to stand, we shall move the Earth.
    Deep grateful thanks that words can hardly express.

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