Who and What Are You Forming Moment to Moment


Explore form and formlessness. Discover your holographic self.


Becoming a Conscious Creator of Self & Environment

One of the most radical scientific discoveries of the recent future is that we can literally change our DNA with our words. Coming close to this radical discovery is the conclusion by various scientific institutions that our universe is holographic. I am known and recognized by mystic and spiritual leaders around the world to be a “formless individual”. This “difference” gives me a unique perspective on how we form ourselves, as well as how we structure and solidify our personal reality. It also gives me the capacity to provide an energetic map into and out of our solid reality.

This class reveals information which is now ready to be received by everyone who is open to it. The mechanics behind all the “programming” we have picked up, why we pick it up, how we can take charge of it, and what to do with it.

Step into this class’ mystical journey and open the doors into your own Conscious Creator, from where you can review and tweak everything you had previously thought of as solid and unchangeable. This class is for serious explorers of consciousness only; a familiarity with the Fear Processing Exercise is highly recommended.

The Nature of Reality

This will be a great class to study if you are actively looking to expand your toolkit and informational base about how things work on our stunningly beautiful, all giving, all receiving planet Earth.

The class covers the old paradigm rules, and the changes brought about by a simple shift in awareness. How we can use that change and how we can move through life in a more harmonious, joyful, satisfied, and effortless manner.

A great compliment to the “Rules of Engagement – Entering the New Paradigm Talks”, which you can find in the store, this class is set to empower and assist us at a personal and global scale.

Ultradimensional Incarnation

In this class, originally given at Awaken Academy, we look at why some psychic and expanded awareness abilities seem to be unavailable to us. And how our physical bodies hold the key to our awareness, including what we might think of “extrasensory abilities”.

The key is ultradimensional incarnation, or what we might call “fully incarnating into our physical body”. When we hear those words, most awakened or awakening individuals will cringe, and for good reason. Up to now, it has meant the wearing of the veil of forgetfulness, and an agreement to exist in the world asleep.

In this class, Inelia walks us through paths, methods and information which empower us to consciously choose how multidimensional we want our physical reality to be.  How to strengthen our capacities safely so we can use them in our everyday living. And how to deal with the overwhelm often faced when we can see more, hear more, and feel more.